Class DockerExtension

  • public class DockerExtension
    extends Object
    The extension for configuring the Docker communication via the remote API through the DockerRemoteApiPlugin.

    Other convention plugins like the DockerJavaApplicationPlugin and DockerSpringBootApplicationPlugin may further extend this extension as nested configuration elements.

    The following example demonstrates the use of the extension in a build script using the Groovy DSL:

     docker {
         url = ''
    • Constructor Detail

      • DockerExtension

        public DockerExtension​(ObjectFactory objectFactory)
    • Method Detail

      • getUrl

        public final Property<String> getUrl()
        The server URL to connect to via Docker’s remote API.

        Defaults to unix:///var/run/docker.sock for Unix systems and tcp:// for Windows systems.

      • getCertPath

        public final DirectoryProperty getCertPath()
        The path to certificates for communicating with Docker over SSL.

        Defaults to value of environment variable DOCKER_CERT_PATH if set.

      • getApiVersion

        public final Property<String> getApiVersion()
        The remote API version. For most cases this can be left null.
      • getRegistryCredentials

        public final DockerRegistryCredentials getRegistryCredentials()
        The target Docker registry credentials.
      • registryCredentials

        public void registryCredentials​(Action<? super DockerRegistryCredentials> action)
        Configures the target Docker registry credentials.
        action - The action against the Docker registry credentials