Class DockerJavaApplication

  • public class DockerJavaApplication
    extends DockerConventionJvmApplicationExtension
    The extension for configuring a Java application via the DockerJavaApplicationPlugin.

    Enhances the extension DockerExtension as child DSL element.

    The following example demonstrates the use of the extension in a build script using the Groovy DSL:

     docker {
         javaApplication {
             baseImage = 'dockerfile/java:openjdk-7-jre'
             maintainer = 'Benjamin Muschko ""'
             ports = [9090, 5701]
             tag = 'jettyapp:1.115'
             jvmArgs = ['-Xms256m', '-Xmx2048m']
    • Constructor Detail

      • DockerJavaApplication

        public DockerJavaApplication​(ObjectFactory objectFactory)